The Levisson Library contains some 5000 volumes, ranging from classical Jewish texts, commentaries, secondary literature and encyclopedias to recent works in areas of special interest to those interested in Progressive Judaism and modern problems.

The primary purpose of the library is to serve the needs of the Rabbinic students, the Rabbis and of the Institute itself, but everybody interested can use it.

The library is housed in the synagogue building of the Liberal Jewish Congregation (LJG) Amsterdam, Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41. In the same place you will also find the Judith Druk Library collection of books. Together there are now some 8500 titles on the shelves.

The digital catalogue (in Dutch) containing the titles of both libraries can be consulted at There you can also find all information about the library, unfortunately only in Dutch.

The librarian is Francine Püttmann, who is also the Director General Affairs of the Institute. For the library she can be reached via e-mail.

The policy of all aspects of the library and its use is decided by the Joint Library Committee of the Levisson Institute and the LJG.