Farewell David Lilienthal

In a festive ceremony on Sunday 3 February 2013 p the Levisson Institute said farewell to rabbi David Lilienthal as dean of the Institute, In 2002 he was the founder of the Foundation Robert A. Levisson and the Levisson Institute. He was the first chair of the Foundation and temperary dean from August 2002 till 1 January 2004. On that day Henk Wagenfeld became chair and rabbi David Lilienthal became official dean of the Institute.

Below you find photos and videos of the farewell. Lectures are all in Dutch!

Click on the links:
1. Programme of the afternoon (pdf) with details about the speakers and the music

2. Photos

3. Speeches (in Dutch) in following order with the time display on the video:
Introduction: Francine Püttmann, director of the Levisson Institute
Willem Koster, chair Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism, from 1:30
Carolyn Levisson, member Academic Committee, chair Vocation Committee, from 5:11
Prof. dr. Irene Zwiep, chair Academic Committee, from 11:55
Rabbi Kine Sittig, former rabbinic student of the Institute, from 18:37
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, member Academic Committee, from 27:57
Prof. dr. Ted Young, chair of the Board, from 35:02
Rabbi David Lilienthal, former decean and founder, from 44:40

4. Lecture by Chaya Brasz (video): Deaf, poor and girls: the Israelitic confirmation in the 19th-century in Holland” (in Dutch)

5. Music part 1 (video)
Gilad Nezer, bass bariton
Kimball Huigens, piano
Richard Wolfe, violon

Aharon Harlap: Pirkey Kohelet, nr. 2, 3, 4, 6
Antonin Dvorak: Biblicke Pisne, Op. 99, nr. 2, 3, 4, 9
Yoni Rechter: Bat yonim (text Ch.N. Bialik)
Josef Rosenblatt: Amar Rabbi Elazar

6. Music part 2 (video)
Richard Wolfe, violon
Kimball Huigens, piano

Ludwig van Beethoven: Violon Sonata nr. 5 in F-Gr, Op. 24 (Frühlingssonate)
Adagio molto espressivo
Scherzo. Allegro molto
Rondo. Allegro ma non troppo