Since its foundation the Levisson Institute organises lectures and seminars.

On this page you find recordings (mp3 or mp4) and texts (pdf) of lectures and presentations held during the years. You also find some classical articles, who are extraordinarily and not easily accessible elsewhere.

Only lectures and texts in English are included. Dutch lectures and texts you can find on the Dutch side.

2022  Yitzhak Melamed

2011   Reuven Firestone

           Melila Hellner-Eshed

           Danny Maseng


2010   Bradley Artson


2009   Marc Saperstein

            Eli Schleifer


2008   Eli Schleifer


2007   David Ruderman

            Moshe Idel


2006   Reuven Firestone

             Joshua Schwartz


2005   Menachem Lorberbaum


1982   David Hartman

            Irving Greenberg


1975   Michael Meyer