Ba’al koreh

Baal koree kleinIn November 2014 the first Ba’al Koreh training of the Levisson Institute started, existing of two modules: Torah and Haftarah.

In all Dutch Progressive Jewish congregations there is a need for people who can chant Torah. Fifteen persons from the whole country took part in this first module. Teacher was Channa van Unen-Meyer. The course existed of 10 lessons.



The trope they learned is the trope in the Siddur of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism, pp 710-713. The students were also explained how to learn the parasha with a Tikun and how to handle the Torah scroll as a ba’al koreh.

Some of the former students layn in the Torah service in their own synagogue.

In the second module, Haftarah, were less participants. Like the Torah layning they learned the trope of the Dutch Progressive-Jewish congregations.

If and when another similar course of study will be initiated, this will be advertized on this website.