Shaliach Tzibbur course

In the period 2007-2009 the Levisson Institute organised a shaliach tzibbur course. This training existed of many lectures and workshops.
An important part of the lessons were given by prof. Eliyahu Schleifer, the recently retired head of the cantorial training of the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. The other teachers were dr. Annette Boeckler, librarian and lecturer Tanach and Jewish Liturgy at the Leo Baeck College in Londen, chazan of the Amsterdam congregation Gilad Nezer and rabbi David Lilienthal, dean of the Levisson Institute.
Since 2009 yearly refresher courses and workshops are organised for the trained shlichei tzibur.

Below you find recordings of lectures and workshops, given through the years.


The History of the Dutch Jewish Synagogue Music – part 1 – ES
The History of the Dutch Jewish Synagogue Music – part 2 – ES


ES = Eli Schleifer
AB = Annette Boeckler

Introduction Steygers and nusach (mp3) – ES

Overview all nusach variations (pdf) – AB
A presentation with all nusach variations, used in different services during the year in the West-European tradition.



Steyger Adonai Malach mode

Steyger Magen Awot mode

Shteyger Yishtabach mode

Steyger Ahava Raba mode



Recorded during the weekends of the shaliach tzibur course in 2007-2009.
English was the main language of this training.

ES = Eli Schleifer
AB = Annette Boeckler
DL = David Lilienthal

Lecture: Chassidic Music part 1 – ES
Lecture: Chassidic Music part 2 – ES
Lecture: High Holiday nusach: what, when, where? – ES
Accompanying document: Guidelines for the HHD Nusach
Lecture: Contemporary American Jewish Music – ES
Lecture: Synagogue Music in Amsterdam – ES
Accompanying document: Literature on Synagogue Music in Amsterdam
Lecture: Comparison of Kol Nidre traditions – AB
Accompanying document: Kol Nidre Presentation
Lecture: Introduction to the Neila Service – AB en DL
Lecture: Minor Festivals, Days of mourning – AB
Accompanying document: Minor Festivals, Days of mourning
Lecture: Salamone di Rossi, his time and music – ES
Lecture: Introduction to the music of the minor festivals – ES
Lecture: The Weekday Shacharit Service – ES



Recorded during the weekends of the shaliach tzibur course in 2007-2009.
English was the main language of this training.

ES = Eli Schleifer

Workshop 1: The special melodies for the Shalosh Regalim – ES
Workshop 2: The special melodies for Pesach-Shavuot – ES
Workshop 3: The special melodies for Sukkot – ES
Workshop 4: The Nusach for the Shalosh Regalim arvit – ES
Workshop 5: Hallel 1 – Workshop hallel 1 – ES
Workshop 6: Hallel 2 Workshop hallel 2 – ES
Workshop 7: Weekday Shacharit – nusach High Holidays – ES  
Workshop 8: Nusach Uwecheens – the Shofar Service – ES
Workshop 9: The RH-YK Kaddishim – ES
Workshop 10: Piyyutim in Yom Kippur mussaf – ES
Workshop 11: Introduction to the Neïla service – ES
Starts with an explanation obout Shofet kol ha’aretz, p. 300 LJG-Machzor High Holidays. 
Workshop 12: The Viduy in the Kol Nidre selichot service – ES
Workshop 13: More on the JK Piyutim – ES
Workshop 14: The Piyutim in Neila and the Avoda again – ES  
Workshop 15: What is allowed in a Purim service? – ES

Workshop 16: Chanuka – ES 
Workshop 17: Weekday Mincha & Ma’ariv services – ES
Workshop 18: Practicum Weekday services – ES 
Workshop 19: Practicum Shabbat & Chagim services – ES
Workshop 20: Practicum High Holidays – ES


Refresher courses

Danny Maseng (2011)

p. siddur















The music is copyrighted. Downloads, prints and copies are therefore only permitted for personal use.

Part of the music is also recorded by Danny Maseng on his CD Heaven on Earth. Look for more information about CDs and sheetmusic on the website of chazzan Danny Maseng.


Eli Schleifer (2012)