Shaliach Tzibbur

Closing ceremony shaliach tzibbur course

IMG 1158 Certificaten allen 2

The first 15 shelichey tzibbur received their certificates in a festive ceremony on 31 May 2009.

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See here the video of the ceremony.


National Oneg Shabbat

The National Oneg Shabbat took place on 6 June 2009 in LJG Den Haag.

The programme was made by the new shelichey tzibbur, who finished their training just one week before, and their main teacher prof. Eli Schleifer from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.

See here the programme of the service.

See here for the photos.
Thanks to photographer Ido Menco.

Groepsfoto Sjats 1

The shelichey tzibbur and in the middle their main teacher, prof. Eli Schleifer during the National Oneg Shabbat of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism.

Listen to the lecture by prof. Schleifer about “The History of the Dutch Jewish Synagogue Music”
Part 1   Part 2

Listen to 4 recordings from the service:
Adon Olam (composition Bonia Shur; student choir, conductor Marcela Obermeister)
Psalm 150  Halleluya (Anna de Voogt with student choir)
Veshamru (Helma Blankman accompanied by rabbi Navah-Tehila)
Kedusha Na’aritzecha (Eli Schleifer with student choir)