Torah and Haftarah

Below you find:

  • berachot for aliya l’Torah
  • berachot for Haftarah
  • call-up for the 1st aliya (kohen)
  • some misheberachs
  • yizkor
  • trope (melody) for Torah
  • trope (melody) for Haftara

All texts are in the LJG-siddur for Shabbat. The numbers refer to the page in the siddur.
The recordings of the texts are in male form. In female form the melody stays the same. In misheberachs and yizkor only the text changes, not the melody.

AT = chazan Avery Tracht
BL = Bram Lagendijk
ES = chazan prof. Eliyahu Schleifer
MB = rabbi Menno ten Brink


Berachot for aliya l’Torah

304 beracha before reading Torah BL.mp3
304 beracha after reading Torah BL.mp3

Dutch transcription berachot Torah.pdf

Berachot for reading Haftarah

328 beracha before reading Haftarah BL.mp3
328 berachot after reading Haftarah BL.mp3

Dutch transcription berachot Haftarah.pdf

Call-up texts

302 The first aliya-kohen MB.mp3
302 Answer of the congregation MB.mp3
Call-up magbia golel for the 1st Sefer Torah MB.mp3
Call-up magbia golel for 2 Sifrei Torah MB.mp3

Call-up for Simchat Tora

The texts for calling-up Chatan/kallat Torah en Bereshit are on pp. 214-216 in Seder Moadiem Lesimcha (machzor Shalosh Regalim). Only the male call-ups are recorded.
Aliya Chatan Tora MB.mp4
Aliya Chatan Bereshit MB.mp4

Mi sheberach

308 General misheberach MB.mp3
310 Misheberach for birthday man MB.mp3
322 Misheberach for ill man MB.mp3


324 Yizkor for a man MB.mp3


Trope for Torah on Shabbat

“The Bible should be read in public, and made understood to its listeners in musical and sweet tones. And he who reads the Torah without tune, shows disregard for it, and its vital values and laws.” (Talmud B. Megilla 32a)

The Torah reading (layning) contains the teamim (trope) signs as we use in our Dutch Liberal congregations, according to the West-European Ashkenaz tradition. These are the same for Shabbat and Shalosh Regalim.

Every ta’am has a melody. In general two or more teamim form a combination. Different combinations of teamim in a text form the trope. See below for the sheet music of these combinations.


Torah trope: overview of the teamim combinations (pdf)


Teamiem combinations as they are in the texts:
01 mercha tipcha munach etnachta
02 mercha tipcha mercha sof-pasuk
03 mercha tipcha mercha sof-pasuk At the end of an aliya.
04 kadma mapach pashta munach katon
05 munach mapach pashta munach katon
06 yetiv munach katon
07 zakef-gadol
08 kadma-katon In one word.
09 darga tevir
10 mercha tevir
11 kadma darga tevir
12 kadma mercha tevir
13 munach darga tevir
14 munach revi’a
15 munach legarmei munach revi’a
16 kadma we’azla
17 kadma geresh
18 geresh
19 munach gershayim
20 munach telisha-ketana
21 munach telisha-gedola
22 munach pazer
23 munach zarka munach segol
24 darga mercha kefula
25 shalshelet
26 yerach ben yomo karnei fara


Trope for Haftarah on Shabbat


Haftarah trope for Shabbat and Shalosh Regalim: See LJG siddur pp. 714-717 or click here (pdf).


Recordings by chazzan Avery Tracht.

Trope for the Haftarah AT.mp3

Teamiem combinations as they appear in the texts:
01 Mercha tipcha munach etnachta
02 Tipcha munach etnachta
03 Mercha tipcha etnachta
04 Tipcha etnachta
05 Mercha tipcha mercha sof-pasuk (in one text)
06 Tipcha mercha sof-pasuk (in one text)
07 Mercha tipcha sof-pasuk (in one text)
08 Tipcha sof-pasuk (in een tekst) See 38 below for mercha tipcha sof pasuk at the end of a text.
09 Kadma mapach pashta munach katon
10 Mapach pashta munach katon
11 Mapach pashta katon
12 Pashta munach katon
13 Pashta katon
14 Munach mapach pashta munach katon
15 Kadma we’azla
16 Kadma geresh
17 Geresh
18 Munach munach revi’a
19 Munach revi’a
20 Revi’a
21 Gershayim
22 Darga tevir
23 Mercha tevir
24 Kadma darga tevir
25 Kadma mercha tevir
26 Munach darga tevir
27 Munach telisha-gedola
28 Munach telisha-ketana
29 Munach pazer
30 Zakef-gadol
31 Yetiv munach katon
32 Yetiv katon
33 Munach zarka munach segol
34 Munach zarka segol
35 Zarka munach segol
36 Zarka segol
37 Mercha kefula
38 Mercha tipcha mercha sof-pasuk (end of haftarah text) See 5-8 above for mercha tipcha sof pasuk in a text.


Torah trope on High Holidays


According to the Dutch Ashkenasi tradition:
Torah trope for the High Holidays.pdf
The ‘sof pasuk’ in the last line should be sung at the end of each aliyah.


Torah trope for the High Holidays ES.mp3