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Dutch 3-year cycle of Torah readings and haftarot

By following the links below, you can consult and download the schedule of weekly Torah readings for this 3-year period, according to the customs of the Dutch liberal congregations.

The list also contains the haftarot according to the Dutch liberal 3-year cycle. On the last two pages you will find the special readings for the Chagim (festivals) and special shabbatot.

Please note that this list is not prescriptive but advisory only. Not all congregations follow these divisions as indicated. Please consult the local Rabbi if you need to know the readings for any shabbat beforehand.

Also please note that the lists are all in Dutch, but the basic information should be easy to decipher.    

Torah readings and haftarot in 5783 (A) (2022-2023)

Torah readings and haftarot in 5784 (B) (2023-2024)

Torah readings and haftarot in 5785 (C) (2024-2025)

Complete 3-year cycle

Torah commentaries

Torah Weekly the Levisson Institute publishes a commentary in Dutch on the Parashat hashavua. They can be read in the Dutch subfolders of this page. Most of them are translated from the English. An link to the original English text is added.

For commentaries about the haftarah, look at the website of Haftarah Commentary Archive.

What is a haftarah? Click here.