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Eli Schleifer

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Eliyahu Schleifer is professor-emeritus Synagogical Music and former director of the School of Sacred Music at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.
He started his musical training on his 5th as a choir boy in the choir of the synagogue of the Shirat Israel Institute. He studied violon and horn at the conservatory in Jerusalem and was teacher at the Rubin Academy of Music and  University of Tel Aviv.

Between 2007-2009 he was the main teacher of the cantor training of the Levisson Institute.



At the start of the Shelichay Tzibbur (cantorial) training in 2007, the main lecturer prof. Eli Schleifer from Jerusalem gave a lecture about the special character of Jewish music in general and that of chazzanut in particular: nusach and shtaygers.

Listen to the recording: Introduction Shtaygers and Nusach (mp3)