The first Teacher Training course for the Hebrew classes in the Liberal Jewish congregations in the Netherlands was organised in 2010 in cooperation with Rimon, the Dutch liberal-Jewish education centre of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism, and the Department for Jewish Education at the Leo Baeck College in London.

The training consisted of a series of 20 Sundays, evenly spread over two years. The subjects were pedagogy/didactics, Jewish studies and Hebrew. On 1 July 2012 twelve students received their diplomas during a festive ceremony in LJG The Hague. All of them became active as teachers in a congregation.

In 2013 Rimon became part of the Levisson Institute. A short basis training for new teachers was organised by Rimon, on five Sunday afternoons. This second group of 13 students completed their training in December 2013. Since then Rimon trained yearly small groups of new teachers. Twice a year an in-servince-training was held for all teachers Talmud Torah. Since 2021 Rimon is no longer a part of the Levisson Institute.

Information: secretariaat@verbond.eu

Overview basic training

Lesson 1

  • Learning plan, year planning
  • Lesson schedule
  • How to do your first lesson day?
  • Formulating learning objectives

Lesson 2

  • Class management
  • How to make a ‘Jewish’ classroom?
  • Effective teacher communication

Lesson 3

  • How to use the Hebrew teaching methods Kadima (4-5 year) and Hoi ik lees Ivriet (6-13 year)?

Lesson 4

  • Time management
  • How to deal with different children?
  • Differentiation in the classroom
  • Work independently

Lesson 5

  • Specific teaching skills, like (Jewish) story telling, learning songs, asking questions, circle discussions, Rimon teaching-boxes and the use of the Rimon website by teachers and pupils.