Weekday services

On this page you find links to recordings for the evening, moring and afternoon services on weekdays.

The number before the title refers to the page in the Dutch liberal siddur Tov lehodot.

Weekday arvit

For additions to the regular weekday evening service on particular days in the year, see the instructions on top of page 120 of the LJG siddur. For the instructions for the continuation of the service after the end of the silent Amida, see pages 152 and 154 of the LJG siddur.

120 Vehu rachum mp3
120 Barechu mp3
120 Uma’avir yom mp3
122 Ki hem chayenu BL mp3
122 Ahavat olam (complete) mp3
122 Shema mp3
126 Adonai Elohechem emet mp3
126 Emet ve’emuna mp3
128 Vera’u vanav mp3
128 Hashkivenu mp3

Weekday shacharit

For an example of how a limited weekday shacharit service can be done, listen to the shacharit service led by prof. Eli Schleifer during the Levisson chazanut training.

The page numbers in the LJG-siddur that he followed, are:

  • 4-6-8, 26, 36, 40-42, 52, 56-58-60-62-64-66-(68)-70,
  • 72-74-76 (shacharit-Kedusha),
    The Amida is in the form of a ‘hoiche kedusha’, i.e. the first 3 berachot are recited aloud by the chazzan and the rest of the Amida is said individually and softly. The silence is omitted in the recording.
  • 110-112-114,
  • 192 (4th line from the bottom).

Weekday mincha

For the plan of the mincha service, see the LJG siddur page 119.
The instructions for the continuation of the mincha service after the end of the Amida, see the LJG siddur pages 152 and 154.

ES = Eli Shleifer
GN = Gilad Nezer
BL = Bram Lagendijk

706 Ashre – Psalm 145 ES mp3
130 Chatzi kaddish ES mp3
132 Amida Avot (with imahot) ES mp3 Our text reads “go’el”, not “ge’ula”. 
134 Amida Gevurot ES mp3
136 Amida Kedusha ES mp3
92 Amida (shortened) Havinenu GN mp3
144 (bottom) Amida Retse GN mp3
146 Amida Modim GN mp3
150 Amida Shalom rav BL mp3