Megillat Esther (Purim)

Below you find the melodies for the recitation of Megillat Esther according to the Dutch tradition. They are recorded verse by verse (pasuk) by prof. dr. Eliyahu Schleifer.

Two verses, 2:5 and 7:10, appear twice, since they have special Dutch melodies. These are recorded by Rabbi Reuven Bar-Ephraim. The recording of these verses by prof. Schleifer is placed between brackets.


Listen here to the trope of Megillat Esther, according to the teamim system.


1st Beracha before Megillat Esther
2nd Beracha before Megillat Esther
3rd Beracha before Megillat Esther
The berachot are on p. 416 in the LJG-siddur.

Shoshanat Ya’akov
Shoshanat Ya’akov, which is sung after the reading of the Megilla, is recorded by Bram Lagendijk.


Megillat Esther verse by verse

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3

Esther 2-5 Ish Yehudi











chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6





chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9

Esther 9-7-9 Haman’s sons

Esther 7-10 Wayitlu





Esther 8-16 Layehudim




chapter 10