Privacy statement

The Levisson Institute preserves personal data with the aim of informing / keeping certain groups informed of the activities and rewards of the Levisson Institute.

These particular groups consist of:
– Board, Management Team and affiliated committees
– (Former) students and (former) course participants
– Recipients of the Newsletter
– Recipients of the weekly Sidra of the Week
– People who have registered for an event, for example a lecture
– General contacts of the Institute

Personal data is provided to:
– Students and course participants: only to the participants and teachers of a certain course
– Tax authorities, in connection with fees for, for example, teachers
– Police, surveillance or other security agencies, if the security of the location so requires
– Third parties, after permission from the owner

The Levisson Institute
– only transfers personal data to third parties with the consent of the person concerned
– removes or changes personal data within one month at the request of the person concerned and informs the person concerned thereof
– has a link to unsubscribe in the Newsletter and Sidra of the Week
– limits personal data on request
– informs from whom personal data has been received, if not from the owner
– asks permission to use a photo of a person

The Levisson Institute has taken organisational and automation measures to protect personal data according to the new privacy law.

Amsterdam, April 2019