Rosh Hashana

Below you find the Rosh Hashana services. The sheet music and recordings are together. On the mainpage is more information about the recordings. You also find seperate recordings by chazan Paolo Gorin.

The name of the file begins with the page number(s) on which the text appears in the (old) Dutch liberal machzor.

For Torah readings on Rosh Hashana see here.

AT = chazan Avery Tracht
CU = Chaim van Unen
ES = chazan prof. Eliyahu Schleifer
FC = Frank Cohn (shofar)
GN = chazan Gilad Nezer
JW = chazan Josée Wolff
LF = chazan Larry Fine
MB = rabbi Menno ten Brink
PG = chazan Paolo Gorin z.l.

Rosh Hashana Arvit


9 Ma tovu (Lewandowski).pdf
          Ma tovu & Barechu PG.mp3
          Ma tovu CU.mp3
12 Barechu (Lewandowski).pdf
          Barechu (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
12 Uma’avir yom (Lewandowski).pdf
          Uma’avir yom PG.mp3
          Uma’avir yom (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
13 Ki hem chayenu.pdf
          Ki hem chayenu JW.mp3
          Ki hem chayenu PG.mp3
14 Shema (Lewandowski).pdf
           Shema Yisrael, Baruch shem CU.mp3
16 Wayomer (Shema 3rd part)
           Wayomer (Shema 3rd part) CU.mp3
16 Lema’an tizkeru
           Lema’an tizkeru MB.mp3
17 Emet we’emuna.pdf
           Emet we’emuna JW.mp3
(17) Wera’u wanav.pdf
           Hama’avir banav PG.mp3
           Wera’u wanav JW.mp3
18 Mi chamocha (Lewandowski).pdf
           Mi chamocha PG mp3
           Mi chamocha (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
19 Wehagen ba’adenu (2nd part Hashkivenu) (Amsterdam) (Lewandowski).pdf
           Wehagen ba’adenu (2nd part Hashkivenu) (Amsterdam) PG.mp3
           Wehagen ba’adenu (2nd part Hashkivenu) (Amsterdam) MB.mp3
20 Tik’u (Amsterdam) (Lewandowski).pdf
           Tik’u (Amsterdam) (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
           Tik’u wachodesh shofar PG.mp3
20 Chatzi kaddish (Janowski).pdf
           Chatzi Kaddish (Janowski) ES.mp3
           Chatzi Kaddish PG.mp3
30 Ata Melech (Lewandowski).pdf
           Ata Melech (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
           Ata Melech (Lewandowski) MB.mp3
30 Kidush erev RH Amsterdam (Binder).pdf
           Kidush erev RH Amsterdam (Binder) AT.mp3
30 Kidush erev RH (Tucker).pdf
           Kidush erev RH (Tucker) PG.mp3
30 Melech al kol ha’aretz (kidush).pdf
           Melech al kol ha’aretz (kidush) AT.mp3
31 Alenu leshabe’ach (like on Shabbat)
33 Wene’emar (like on Shabbat)
           Wene’emar CU.mp3
34 Adon Olam (Lewandowski) # See page Special melodies

Even though the Amida generally is not said aloud in the evening, we still include the note below for the sake of reference: Chatimot in the Amida ES.mp3
See machzor High Holidays pp. 132 (2x), 146-147, 152, 154.
If the Amida in the Shacharit is repeated, see pp. 67-68, 78, 79, 81.
The endings remain musically the same on Yom Kippur, but with textual changes.

Rosh Hashana Shacharit and Torah service


42 Birchot hashachar (nusach-Spiro).pdf
          Birchot hashachar (nusach-Spiro) JW.mp3
42 Utenenu (nusach-Spiro).pdf
           Utenenu (nusach-Spiro) JW.mp4
44 Ashrenu-Ata hu (nusach-Spiro).pdf
           Ashrenu-Ata hu (nusach-Spiro) JW.mp3
46 Baruch she’amar (Schleifer-Lewandowski).pdf
           Baruch she’amar ES.mp3
53 Baruch Adonai le’olam (like on Shabbat)
53 Ki l’Adonai hamelucha (like on Shabbat)
54 Nishmat kol chai (like on Shabbat)
55 Wechol levavot (like on Shabbat)
57 HaEl-Hamelech (nusach, Lewandowski).pdf
           HaEl-Hamelech (nusach, Lewandowski) AT.mp3
58 Yishtabach RH (nusach, Spiro, Lewandowski).pdf
           Yishtabach RH (nusach, Spiro, Lewandowski) AT.mp3
(58) Chatzi kaddish (Lewandowski).pdf
           Chatzi kaddish (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
58 Barechu (Lewandowski).pdf
           Barechu (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
58 Yotzer or (Spiro).pdf 
           Yotzer or (Spiro) JW.mp4
59 Hame’ir la’aretz-Ma rabu ma’asecha (on weekdays)
60 Hakol yoducha (like on Shabbat
61 Ka’amur (Lewandowski).pdf
61 Titbarach-Ka’amur (nusach-Spiro).pdf
           Titbarach-Ka’amur (nusach-Spiro) JW.mp4 
62 Shema (Lewandowski).pdf
           Shema Yisrael CU.mp3 
65 Lema’an tizkeru
           Lema’an tizkeru MB.mp3
65 Wayomer
           Wayomer (3rd part Shema) CU.mp3
65 Emet weyatziv.pdf 
           Emet weyatziv- Mi chamocha CU.mp3 
66 KeMoshe-Mi chamocha-Tzur Yisrael (Bloch).pdf
           KeMoshe-Mi chamocha-Tzur Yisrael (Bloch) JW.mp4 
           KeMoshe – Ga’al Yisrael LF.mp3
           Moshe uvenei Jisrael – Ga’al Yisrael PG.mp3
67-81 Silent Amida: if it sung loud, than like in Musaf
77 Ya’alei weyavo (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Ya’alei weyavo (Lewandowski) ES.mp3 Only when the Amida is repeated in Shacharit
81 Sim shalom (nusach HH)
            Sim shalom (nusach)-Besefer chayim (Goldfarb) GN
81 Besefer chayim (Goldfarb).pdf
            Besefer chayim (Goldfarb) JW.mp3
            Besefer chayim ES.mp3
            Besefer chayim CU.mp3
82 Avinu malkenu (trad.).pdf
           Avinu malkenu PG.mp3 
85 Kaddish titkabal (Beutel kaddish).pdf
           Kaddish titkabal (Beutel kaddish) PG.mp3 

87 Ein kamocha (Sulzer).pdf
           Ein kamocha (Sulzer) GN.mp3
88 Adonai Adonai (3x) (Sefardisch/Lewandowski).pdf
           Adonai Adonai – Wa’ani tefilati (Sefard./Lewandowski) GN.mp3 
           Adonai Adonai (2nd and 3rd) (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
88 Wa’ani tefilati (Naumbourg).pdf
           Wa’ani tefilati (Naumbourg) GN.mp3 
88 Shema – Echad – Gadlu l’Adonai.pdf
88 Lecha Adonai – Romemu (Lewandowski).pdf
           Gadlu l’Adonai – Lecha Adonai PG.mp3
103 Chatzi Kaddish before maftir.pdf
           Chatzi Kaddish before maftir (Baer) ES.mp3
127 Ashrei ha’am (3x) (Sulzer).pdf
           Ashrei ha’am (Sulzer) GN.mp3 
130 Yehalelu – Hodo al eretz (Sulzer).pdf
           Yehalelu – Hodo al eretz CU.mp3
(130) Havu l’Adonai (on Shabbat)
           Havu l’Adonai (Italian) ES.mp3
           Havu l’Adonai (English) ES.mp3
(130) LAdonai ha’aretz (Ps. 24) (Klein).pdf (on weekdays)
           LAdonai ha’aretz (Ps. 24) GN.mp3
130 Uwenucho (Lewandowski) – Ki lekach tov – Hashivenu.pdf
           Uwenucho yomar (Lewandowski) GN.mp3
           Ki lekach tov PG.mp3

Rosh Hashana Musaf


131 Musaf Kaddish (Lewandowski).pdf 
131 Musaf Kaddish (Janowski).pdf
           Musaf kaddish (Lewandowski) JW.mp3 
           Musaf Kaddish (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
131 Avot we’imahot (Lewandowski).pdf
           Avot we’imahot (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
           Avot (till be’ahawa) PG.mp3
132 Zochrenu (trad.).pdf 
            Zochrenu (trad.) JW.mp3
132 Gevurot – Mechalkel (Lewandowski).pdf
           Gevurot JW.mp4
           Avot (after Zochrenu)-Gevurot (begin) (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
           Gevurot (continuation): Mechalkel chayim (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
133 Unetanneh tokef (complete without choir) (Lewandowski-nusach).pdf
133 Unetanneh tokef (complete with choir) (Lewandowski-nusach).pdf
133 Uvechen lecha ta’aleh (intro Unetanneh tokef) (nusach).pdf 
           Unetanneh tokef (complete) (Lewandowski-nusach) GN.mp3 
           Unetanneh tokef (begin) (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
           Emet ki ata hu yotzram MB.mp3
137 Kedusha Musaf (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Kedusha Musaf (Lewandowski) GN.mp3
138 Ledor wador (Katchko).pdf
           Ledor wador (Katchko) JW.mp4
139-142 Uwechen-wetimloch-kadosh ata.pdf 
           Uwechen-wetimloch-kadosh ata JW.mp4
            Uwechen GN.mp3
            Uwechen (nusach 3x) PG.mp3
           Wetimloch ata (nusach) PG.mp3
140 Weye’etayu (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Weje’etajoe (Lewandowski) MB.mp3
142 Ata wechartanu – Watiten lanu (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Ata wechartanu (Lewandowski) ES.mp3 
144 Large Alenu (Janowski-Lewandowski).pdf
           Large Alenu (Janowski-Lewandowski) AT.mp3
146 Elohenu-Meloch (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Elohenoe-Meloch (Lewandowski) JW.mp3 
146 Kadeshenu (nusach-Spiro-trad.).pdf 
           Kadeshenu (nusach-Spiro-trad.) (shabbat version) GN.mp3 
147, 149, 151 Shofar in Musaf
           Shofar tunes in Musaf FC.mp3
147 Hayom harat olam (Lewandowski).pdf
           Hayom harat olam (Lewandowski) AT.mp3
           Hayom harat olam (Lewandowski) ES.mp3
           Hayom harat olam (Lewandowski) PG.mp3
148 Zochrenu bezichron tov (Lewandowski.pdf
           Zochrenu bezichron tov (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
149 Haloch wekarata-Zacharti lach (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Haloch wekarata-Zacharti lach (Lewandowski) AT.mp3 
           Haloch wekarata-Zacharti lach (Lewandowski) CU.mp3
150 Ata nigleta (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Ata nigleta (Lewandowski) JW.mp3 
150 Teka beshofar gadol (Lewandowski).pdf 
           Teka beshofar gadol (Lewandowski) JW.mp3
151 Se’u sheariem (Lewandowski).pdf
           Se’u sheariem (Lewandowski) AT.mp3 
           Se’u sheariem (Lewandowski) CU.mp3
154 Sim shalom (nusach HH)
            Sim shalom (nusach)-Besefer chayim (Goldfarb) GN
154 Besefer chayim (Goldfarb).pdf 
           Besefer chayim (Goldfarb) JW.mp3
           Besefer chayim ES.mp3
           Besefer chayim CU.mp3
155 Hayom te’amtzenu.pdf
           Hayom te’amtzenu JW.mp3
           Hayom te’amtzenu PG.mp3
157 Ein kelohenu (Lewandowski).pdf

Chatimot in the Amida ES.mp3
See machzor High Holidays pp. 132 (2x), 146-147, 152, 154.
If Amida is repeated in Shacharit, see machzor pp. 67-68, 78, 79, 81.
The musical endings stay the same on Yom Kippur, but have other words.